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ANTICANCER – The Preventive Power of Food

Breakthrough research shows that you can reprogram your genes to prevent and fight cancer.

The book ANTICANCER is full of easy to understand and practical advice for helping you apply this research in your everyday diet.


ANTICANCER will teach you how to cancer-proof your family by:

 Adding powerful anticancer foods in your diet
 Avoiding toxin exposure that leads to cancer
 Increasing your antioxidant protection
 Boosting your immune system
 Stopping inflammation
 Teaching you how to shop, cook and eat to keep cancer away


The Anticancer Nutrition Questionnaire is a unique tool created by Christina.
It’s a powerful tool that will help you identify the simple steps you can take in order to optimize your diet’s power to prevent and fight cancer.

Invest a couple of minutes and receive a 6-page personalized report with tips that will boost the anticancer power of your diet!

Take your health in your own hands by joining one of my upcoming webinars, live workshops or online courses. Take away the anxiety and pain that comes from the conflicting health advice you often come upon by learning the latest proven science on nutrition and health. “Let Food be Your Medicine” and join me on a journey to better health and to a new sense of wellness. Let me teach you how to unlock your body’s internal healing power with optimal nutrition!

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