ANTICANCER The Preventive Power of Food

Presents the most up-to-date scientific evidence on the role of diet on cancer. It presents hundreds of scientific papers from both laboratory experiments and clinical trials demonstrating the anticancer effects of an extensive list of foods, herbs and natural bio-active compounds.


ANTICANCER will teach you how to:

  • Add powerful anticancer foods in your diet.
  • Αvoid toxin exposure that leads to cancer.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Stop inflammation.
  • Shop, cook and eat to keep cancer away.


This book will prove to be a valuable tool:

  • If you simply want to keep yourself and your family healthy
  • If you or someone near you is facing cancer
  • If you are a health care professional or cancer caregiver seeking the latest scientific knowledge on the role of nutrition in cancer development and progression.

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The Anticancer Nutrition Questionnaire is a unique tool created by Christina.
It’s a powerful tool that will help you identify the simple steps you can take in order to optimize your diet’s power to prevent and fight cancer.

Invest a couple of minutes and receive a 6-page personalized report with tips that will boost the anticancer power of your diet!
New cancer cases will rise by 70 % in the next two decades

Cancer Research UK estimates that soon 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

1 in 3 new cancer cases can be prevented by lifestyle changes
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    Book Reviews

    If you are looking to improve your health, better yet, if you are looking for ways to reduce your cancer risk, this is a great book to read. I love the assessment as it helps you baseline yourself and figure out what you are doing right and how you can change your life. This is a great gift for those who have had cancer in their families and want to make a change. Its all about what you can do and what to eat and what to avoid. A must read and I am definitely buying it for my friends this year.

    Reviewed by Sophie (Amazon US)
    November 25th, 2016

    This book is a wealth of information about nutrition and cancer! The author is doing an excellent job translating the most recent cancer / nutrition research data into practical recommendations. I like how every chapter ends with a summary of practical steps to take towards improving our nutrition and in turn prevent cancer in an evidence-based way. I highly recommend this book both as a dietitian and as a consumer.

    Xenia Averkiou (Amazon US)
    January 29, 2017

    As someone who has a been personally touched by cancer, I can can tell you that this book provides a wealth of information that you will NOT get from the medical community. There is a great misconception surrounding cancer, namely “that it just happens.” Christina clearly explains what cancer is and how it comes to be present in the body. This is the starting point for understanding how to prevent and overcome cancer and the role that nutrition plays in this process.

    I wish that I had this book when I was diagnosed. It provides a clear and concise overview of the importance of nutrition in optimizing your immune system and in promoting the integrity of your cellular DNA so that rogue cancer cells do not proliferate and form tumors or otherwise compromise your health. If you are serious about preventing and avoiding cancer in your future, this book is a great resource, providing easy to understand and follow advice on using nutrition to fortify your immune system through proper food selection.

    It’s well thought out and structured so you learn step-by-step, what foods you should eat, why you should eat them, as well as what foods you should remove from your diet and why. The book also addresses the dangers that might be present in your environment and provides concrete steps to reduce or eliminate the most harmful and toxic substances that could lead to cancer or other diseases of the body.

    Furthermore, Christina, provides hope for all those who might feel as if they are doomed to getting cancer due to a genetic predisposition. She debunks this myth and shares how if you change your perspective about food, so that you see it as the key to a maintaining a healthy and disease free body, you will greatly reduce your risk of ever getting cancer regardless of any genetic factors that may be present.

    Overall, this is a fantastic book that I highly recommend to anyone who is concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones!

    Eric Gerber
    September, 30th 2017

    This book is a revelation for anyone, whether you are a cancer patient or at risk yourself, or generally want to incorporate the latest scientific findings into your diet and lifestyle to maintain / improve your health and energy levels. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-read collection of practicable steps and explanations on the nutritional science behind them. You learn about the effects that different foods and herbs have on your body and how to combine and prepare, cook or use them in order to maximise their benefits. The book also tells you what to avoid, or how to at least minimise the negative effects that certain foods or cooking methods can have. I love that you won’t have to follow a rigid regime – mix and match as it suits you, and you also get guidance on how to powerfully combine the various strategies. You’ll also find a link to a free online assessment that will give you customised suggestions on changes you could make. Basically, the book helps you grow into a healthier lifestyle with ease. I remember when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer and how difficult it was to track down all this information from different sources. Even doctors often can’t tell you much about anti-cancer nutrition, or are not up to date. But with this book, you have it all in one place. I strongly recommend it.

    Kathy Eliwa
    October 10th, 2017

    I found this book very informative and easy to read. There is a lot of useful information which is supported by a wealth of evidence. It is written in a way that is empowering to the reader and allows for us to take more control over our own health and wellbeing. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    October 31st, 2017

    Ending the dread of cancer is our responsibility. Each person is personally responsible to remain healthy and to make sure that those close to him grow up healthy. We should do the best we can to minimize risks. “God helps those that help themselves”Anticancer – The Preventive Power of Food, is an invaluable guide to take our health into our own hands. Christina shares her love and passion about nutrition in clear and simple words in a language easily understood and remembered guiding us to a healthier lifestyle and restoring hope that we have the power to end the dread of cancer.. I would not only recommend this book, I would make it a gift to those I care about..

    Gavriella Serghidou
    December 5th, 2017

    Christina Economidou Pieridou is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. She is the author of two nutrition books and the founder of Christina has a B.Sc. from King’s College London in Nutrition and Dietetics, and did her registration work for clinical dietetics in two big central London hospitals. She also holds an M.Sc. in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey which is one of the leading courses in nutrition science globally. She practices as a clinical dietitian in her home country Cyprus since 2000. Christina is an advocate of natural, holistic and integrative approaches in nutritional therapy.

    My mission is reduce the burden of cancer globally. Your food is key to both preventing and healing cancer!

    What’s the truth about cancer and sugar?
    Which common cooking methods damage our cell’s DNA?
    What are the best cooking methods for using when following an Anticancer diet?
    Which common foods cause inflammation in the body and how is this linked to cancer?
    Which foods directly kill cancer cells?
    Which vitamin deficiency is linked to a higher risk of metastasis?
    What is the role of intestinal health in cancer prevention?
    Which single nut helps the liver detoxify harmful substances and activates the most potent antioxidant enzymes in the body?
    Which are the best anticancer herbs and spices and how can I add them in my meals?
    Is there a link between BPA, pesticides and cancer?
    Which toxic carcinogen is hidden in rice and  what can I do to reduce it?