3 Days To Wellness Detox



A 3-Day Nutrition Plan for Cleansing the body!

A collaboration between the founder of Nutrition Can Heal, dietitian Christina Economidou and the talented healthy recipe creator team En Healthy.

This short detox plan includes 15 delicious, easy and healthy recipes you will love!

A powerful alkalising, antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory diet plan.

The 3-Days to Wellness Detox that will help in:

– boosting your metabolism
– feeling more energy
– improving digestion
– reducing bloating
– improving mood, memory and concentration
– boosting antioxidant protection
– reducing inflammation and
– regaining your balance for better health.


The 3 Days to Wellness Detox is a 56-pages Ε-book with lots of valuable advice on detoxing and 15 healthy detoxing recipes created by Christina Economidou and the En Healthy team.


The 3-Days to Wellness Detox is the easiest way to revitalize and re-balance your body in just 3 days!

It’s a short Detox that will introduce you to the life changing benefits of Detoxing.

If you feel out of energy,
If you have a slow metabolism and find it difficult to lose weight,
If you feel bloated often, or
Have skin problems like acne,

Then this Detox is for you!

In just 3 days it will help you feel revitalized and better than ever before!
Every single ingredient has been carefully selected for its ability to cleanse the body.